Late Summer - September 2017

I awake to the wind moving the branches and give thanks for the advent of Autumn.  Days are shorter and the rain brings relief from the hellish wildfires and smoke.  The coolness refreshes my soul and enlivens my body to action.  I am reminded of projects that I have put off and have a renewed appreciation of simple pleasures.

My garden is opening to the rich harvests that were promised.  Seed to fruition like those of us getting older and realizing we’re in the vintage years of our lives (with some added creaks and restrictions!)

Morning Glories, Anemones and Dahlias take center stage. Deepening ornamental purple berries ‘Beautyberry’(Callicarpa) will soon brighten the oncoming season of the next few months. This year I have 3 varieties of Morning Glories blooming as I continually search for a display that will please me.  One self-sowing ‘Heavenly Blue’ and two new varieties, ‘Blue Star’, white with a faint blue star and ‘Feringa’ - deep violet and rose-pink. They are all tangled up and I am impressed by their extraordinary twining habits that rival even the best African baskets.

Japanese Anemones are the faithful of the late summer crop. The whites are especially riveting.  White flowers often have their own regal luminescence, in a garden amongst all the extroverted showstoppers. 

Fuchsias breathe easily in the cool September days and come happily back to life.  That’s exactly how I feel as the season turns to a refreshing afterglow.