November 2017 GRATITUDE in the face of troubling realities

Winter’s Cauldron

Autumn rolls in like a cleansing wave
And all is awash in transformation
My garden displays a ‘grande finale’        
Nature’s synchronicity receives  a standing ovation

Why do I love this season so?
It’s the forecast of overstuffed comfort
Introverted thoughts by the fire  
Where dreams like dormant seeds
Release like old-fashioned popcorn
Filling the air with ideas & possibilities

The heat of summer left me sticky and spent    
Now my mind awakens in the brisk air.
Leaves twirl on smoky, chilled winds.
I take in earthy scents of rotting wood, apples and pear  
The North Wind stirs Winter’s Cauldron

Candles in the evening
Gently beckon former generations    
To my parlor
Glazed butternut squash      
Glitters fresh from the oven
The magic of cooking warms my soul
As multiple veggies dissolve in the soup

Angels guide us earthly beings,
As best they can from afar  
Reminding us of all that is good
                                                                   Autumn 2013
                                                    Revised Autumn 2017