Summer Solstice - Wafting Fragrance & Bears in Breeches

With the lengthy sun filled days I am especially enchanted with the evening light show.  After dinner I find myself in my most comfy garden spot listening to a book and watching the golden sunbeams sparkle against the undulating plants. Every time I look up, the rays have drifted and are illuminating different colors and shapes before me.  What luxury!

All the extra garden care my husband David and I put in for our son’s wedding has led to a most splendid garden feast!  Now the sweet peas are in full bloom, wafting their delicate, irresistible scents. Campanula cups have become bells for fairies to land on and hydrangeas are spreading their wings announcing summer days to come.   Foxgloves are almost spent so the little foxes will have to wait for colder weather to find their gloves again. The glorious dahlias are budding and will soon become the garden centerpiece.

I love roses and grow many. One of my favorites I have dubbed my King Louis XIV rose because somewhere in France I recall seeing portraits of Louis X!V surrounded by this type of  curled pink round rose.  Whenever they bloom I imagine I’m floating along the Loire, in the lovely French countryside:) (See above on trellis.)

Bear’s Breeches aka acanthus mollis, with their tall stalks and wide fringed leaves are another plant that conjure up an image of our forest friends romping about, this time with short trousers. We can only guess what really goes on in the deep forest….