The Revenge of Summer’s Heat - August 2017

After the heat of the last few weeks, the garden looks weary and forlorn.  It’s time for a long, deep watering as well as getting a jump on September plant changes.  Anything not doing well is ripe for a new, improved location. 

So far three hydrangeas, one climbing rose and one small tree have migrated. One was temporarily heeled in near some glorious dahlias and is now the autumn star behind the garage where late summer display was needed.  Another is rejuvenating, (I hope), in the front of the house.  This is traditionally a tough spot so I knew it was daring of me to put it there. However a large, white Hydrangea paniculata will be so inviting and I’m a sucker for visions of grandeur.  Overflowing drifts in an English cottage garden always get me dreaming. It’s a bit shady and the ground is quite hard from impacted perennial impatiens bulbs. Still after hubby worked it hard, I’m giving it a lick and a prayer, plus organic root stimulator!

I was thrilled (as only a gardener can be) to recently buy some wood sorrel (oxalis oregana) and 2 deep purple coral bells (heuchera)The two-toned purple plus the soft, emerald green tickled my fancy for a neglected spot by the front that could not handle either the anemones or foxglove I planted there years ago.  Could be a lack of watering since it’s under an eave…so heave ho, another risky venture coupled with my vow to water adequately!  The coleus in pots are a favorite and magnificent as usual.

Another poor placement, in too much sun, is a marvelous small tree, Japanese Stewartia, (pseudocamellia), purchased two years ago. It just got resettled near a gate with better drainage and shade. I remind myself location and soil are everything, as I dig out the grass and weeds and congratulate myself on getting to it so early. And luckily with a capable hubby, shovel in tow, following my directions!